Aisha Kasmir
Las Vegas

Bio: I’m a no-nonsense copywriter and social media marketer who has seen too many people get burned by social media “experts” and their bad advice. I’m giving you real and proven strategies from almost a decade of community outreach and writing experience – with a lot of successes and failures in between. You’re smart and I’m here to make sure it shows. As The Tired Writer on Facebook, I dispense Real Talk on how brands and businesses fail at social media and why. Rather than just give the bad news, I also provide advice on how to avoid the pitfalls. In 2015, I was part of a team that won the Las Vegas PRSA Pinnacle Award in Social Media. I like to bring my experiences to help small businesses, consultants and creatives launch innovative projects or products, develop strong content strategies, increase and enhance community engagement and, most of all, have fun while doing it. Among my many passions, I’m also a classically trained singer and jazz performer, short story writer and a Pixie lover. Specialties: social media content strategy, content development, content management, branding, content marketing

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